Aug 2018 | Australia is deplorably racist, as people of colour are reminded when they speak up

Date: 10 Aug 2018

Source: The Guardian

There’s no question that Australia is a far more racist country than its political class like to admit. No amount of spin should be capable of disorientating hard facts sufficiently to obfuscate that reality. Yet – incredibly – I still receive abusive “mail” ridiculing me for jumping at shadows, protesting it just ain’t so.

I understand how a certain amount of privilege in life provides a buffer to the kinds of racialised discrimination, prejudice and hate speech that daily infects the lives of people of colour in Australia. But surely by now, in the heavily media saturated environment we inhabit, claiming colour-blindness, whether in an Australian context or global society, isn’t possible. Yet, such selective awareness persists.

Undoubtedly, this is partly due to the “filter bubbles” created by the algorithms that shape the most pervasive media in each of our lives. In these safely curated backwaters, our social media newsfeeds – now always ready at hand – reinforce our preferred constructions of the world. Consuming content is self-medication: a drip of personally homogenised feels to fix the anxiety of each participant-user.