Aug 2018 | Contract companies using legislative 'back doors' to rip off migrant workers

Date: 16 Aug 2018

Source: Brisbane Times

Migrant workers employed as contract cleaners, security officers and even tradespeople are vulnerable to exploitation by sophisticated companies using legislative “back doors” to underpay them, an inquiry into wage theft has heard.

Dermot Peverill from United Voice told the Queensland Parliament committee inquiry he spoke to three workers this week who were employed as contract cleaners.

“They’re working ordinary hours for their primary employer, a large cleaning contractor, who said, ‘We know you can only work 20 hours. We’ll now employ you under corporate structure B and corporate structure C and we’ll allow you to work additional hours but you’ll get half your award rate. And if you say anything about it, particularly to your union, you’ll no longer have a job’, he told the inquiry.