Aug 2018 | Degani Bakery and Cafe outlets underpaid staff, Fair Work Ombudsman finds

Date: 7 Aug 2018

Source: ABC

More than $44,000 in unpaid wages has been recovered for dozens of staff at Degani Bakery and Cafe outlets, after an investigation found the popular food chain had failed to meet basic workplace requirements.

The Fair Work Ombudsman audited 14 cafes in Melbourne, and two in Rockhampton, after receiving what it said was "a high number of requests for assistance".

It found just one of those outlets was compliant with workplace laws.

Ombudsman Sandra Parker found a total of 86 staff had been underpaid across the 15 cafes, recovering $44,165 in lost wages.

She said underpayment and non-payment of penalty rates was the most common issue, but some staff had also been paid base rates below those they were entitled to.

"We uncovered issues with record-keeping at several Degani outlets that hindered our ability to determine exactly how much backpay the employees were owed," she said.