Aug 2018 | Hospitality industry needs to fix problem of wage theft in food business: restaurateurs

Date: 2 Aug 2018

Source: ABC

Melbourne restaurateur Hannah Green prepared for questions about the hot-button issue of staff underpayment as she took to the stage as a panellist at a gathering of hospitality industry leaders in Melbourne.

But it was never raised.

"It was something I had already kind of put in the memory bank to have an answer ready for," Ms Green said.

"I'm actually surprised the topic wasn't raised."

In recent months, the Fair Work Ombudsman has launched investigations into some of Melbourne's most high-profile eateries over accusations they have underpaid staff.

But the issue didn't make it onto the agenda of the Restaurant Leaders Summit despite a panel discussion titled "staffing for success" which instead covered issues such as how to afford training, keeping apprentices motivated and dealing with toxic behaviour in the workplace.