Aug 2018 | Is Australia becoming a more racist country?

Date: 7 Aug 2018

Source: CNN

Australia has long considered itself an immigrant nation. Every year, the number of Australians born overseas increases -- in 2017, it was more than one in four residents, or roughly six million people.

"Australia is the most successful multiculturalism society in the world, it's one of our greatest achievements," Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull told the national broadcaster in July.
But following an uproar over a neo-Nazi being interviewed on national television and repeated comments by top politicians over "African gangs," questions are emerging over whether Australia is a more racist country than it would like to believe.
"For the most part we are a highly cohesive and harmonious society but that doesn't deny for a moment that racism continues to be a significant social problem," Australia's outgoing Race Discrimination Commissioner Tim Soutphommasane told CNN.
On Sunday, nationwide broadcaster, Sky, aired an interview with far-right agitator Blair Cottrell, who has previously been accused in local media of calling for a portrait of Adolf Hitler to be hung "in every (Australian) classroom and every school."