Aug 2018 | Why is the Australian media promoting white nationalist ideas?

Date: 8 Aug 2018

Source: The Guardian

Sky News Australia responded to the justified rage about them hosting neo-Nazi Blair Cottrell by suspending Adam Giles’s show. They’ll be hoping that this face-saving move means that we’ll forget it in a week.

But we shouldn’t. Not just because, as John Birmingham pointed out on Tuesday, Cottrell’s appearance is entirely consistent with Sky’s “after dark” business model. The network has very few regular viewers, but controversial guests garner it precious attention for a news cycle or two. We should keep it in mind because it is an element of a broader media phenomenon in Australia, in which News Corp properties have played a central role: the articulation of a much more forthright politics of white nationalism, underpinned by the idea that white people, everywhere, are under attack.

Just days before Cottrell’s Sky appearance, Sky presenter and Herald-Sun columnist Andrew Bolt penned a column on immigration which was, even by his standards, somewhat astonishing.