Aug 2019 | Deliveroo sued by former worker who alleges exploitation and underpayment

Date: 28 Aug 2019

Source: ABC

The company is accused of exploiting its bicycle couriers by failing to pay the minimum wage, penalty rates and superannuation.

Former delivery rider Jeremy Rhind will argue in the Federal Circuit Court, that he should have been paid an hourly minimum of $19.49.

Instead, Deliveroo paid him $9 per delivery.

Mr Rhind agreed to the "low rate of pay" because he was a keen cyclist who wanted to make "extra pocket money" to supplement his office job in Canberra.

He was expecting to make several deliveries per hour. But what he did not expect was the long waiting period between each job — which was unpaid.

"It was upsetting and quite a struggle to realise I've been doing all those hours, and it wasn't worth it," he told the ABC.