Aug 2019 | Former Hochi Mama cook Tiff Tan alleges horrible working conditions, underpayment

Date: 19 Aug 2019

Source: Herald Sun

A former worker at trendy city restaurant Hochi Mama claims she was forced to work seven days a week for less than $3 an hour.

Tiff Tan was on a student visa when she worked for Hochi Mama and Straight Outta Saigon co-owner Thai Ho from July 2015 to December 2015.

She said she only endured the conditions because she was “scared and desperate” and a promise of sponsorship for a more secure visa was held over her head if she stayed at Hochi Mama but this never happened.

“I had a lot of anxiety, I had to pay my rent, I needed money, if I didn’t go to work then I didn’t get anything,” Miss Tan said.

“I only had a half an hour break, I was tired, exhausted, I would go home and cry, my body was shaking,” she said.

Her claims come as the Fair Work Ombudsman investigates allegations staff at Hochi Mama and Straight Outta Saigon were underpaid and mistreated.