Aug 2019 | 'My future is daily': Temporary protection visa holders left in bureaucratic limbo

Date: 13 Aug 2019

Source: SBS

Zaki Haidari fled war-torn Afghanistan in search of a better life, but Australia’s visa system is proving that his journey to long-term security is far from over.

Growing up, Mr Haidari's family life was a steadying force, surrounded by a loving mother and siblings, and a father who was among some of the most respected doctors in the country.

But as fundamentalist ideology took a firm grip on his homeland under the Taliban and the pursuit of education became a deadly ambition, then-17-year-old Mr Haidari's world would be turned upside down.

“I lost my older brother because (he was) a normal university student, then I lost my father. He was taken away accused of working with international forces. It was my turn to leave the country or I had to pay the price," he told SBS News.