Dec 2018 | Casual workers to be given the power to demand part-time or full-time work

Date: 11 Dec 2018

Source: 9NEWS

Casual workers could potentially take legal action if their bosses refuse to give them part-time or full-time work, under proposed changes to workplace laws.

Industrial Relations Minister Kelly O'Dwyer will today announce a shake-up to the casual workforce that could affect around two million employees across Australia.

The government wants to introduce laws to give casual workers the right to request part-time or full-time employment after working casually for one employer continuously for 12 months.

An employer could refuse, but would need to have reasonable business grounds for doing so.

Workers could then review the decision through the Fair Work Commission or courts.

Australian Industry Group chief executive Mr Willox told the Sydney Morning Herald the planned approach would "give employees the flexibility to remain employed casually if this is what they want".

Around 1.5 million casual workers already have this right, after a ruling by the Fair Work Commission.