Dec 2018 | Chinese workers fight for a fair go in Australia

Date: 6 Dec 2018

Source: SBS

Migrant workers in Australia are pushing for better workplace conditions. 

Language barriers and cultural differences are being blamed for a lack of job opportunities and security for migrant workers.

Sydney resident Stephen Fang is a staunch advocate for fair pay and working conditions for all members of the community.

At a previous job, his wife worked for two months without seeing a cent, despite being on a fortnightly pay cycle.

He said it wasn't until he took the matter to fair work authorities that she received any of the money she was owed.

"I have personal experience because I spoke to the manager and it wasn't until I got fair trading involved that they released [the pay]," Mr Fang said.

Mr Fang believed a 'cash-in-hand' culture in many Chinese restaurants and small businesses made workers vulnerable to exploitation.

"Chinese people can't protect themselves because they get no sick day, no holiday," he said.

"That's illegal, so the current system has lots of limitations to protect the small business, not the workers."