Dec 2018 | Majority of Australian women harassed at work, startling new survey reveals

Date: 11 Dec 2018 

Source: 9NEWS

Nearly two-thirds of women have been sexually harassed at work, along with more than a third of men, a union survey indicates.

The Australian Council of Trade Unions online survey on the issue received more than 9600 responses, with 64 per cent of women and 34 per cent of men reporting harassment. Results were released on Tuesday.

More than 82 per cent of harassers were men, but most of the behaviour is not being reported.

While almost 59 per cent of people disclosed their experience of harassment to another person, just 26.7 per cent pursued a formal complaint against their harasser.

More than half of people feared negative consequences for reporting sexual harassment.

ACTU president Michele O'Neil said workplace laws had failed women experiencing harassment at work.