Dec 2018 | Melbourne hotspots hit with workplace audits

Date: 11 Dec 2018 

Source: FWO

The Fair Work Ombudsman is targeting restaurants and cafes in the popular Degraves Street and Hardware Lane dining strips in the Melbourne CBD with unannounced workplace audits.

Fair Work Inspectors are in the area speaking to business owners, managers and employees to check that workers are being paid correctly. At least 40 businesses face audits and inspectors are also examining their employment records for compliance with workplace laws.

The FWO acted after receiving intelligence from a range of sources, including our Anonymous Report tool and various stakeholders, indicating potential workplace breaches by some businesses in the area.

Fair Work Ombudsman Sandra Parker said the audits are the latest in a string of proactive compliance activities targeting popular food hubs.

“Protecting the rights of vulnerable workers in the fast food, restaurant and café sector is a priority for the Fair Work Ombudsman. Successive activities in popular food precincts across Australia have revealed unacceptable breaches of workplace laws.”