Feb 2019 | Foreign Workers Being Paid Less Because Of ‘Poor’ English

Date: 8 Feb 2019 

Source: Ten Daily

John* wakes up at 5.45am every day, travels an hour to get to work and spends over eight hours doing 'exhausting' manual labour. He is paid $20 an hour,  far below the minimum award wage of $26.14 per hour.

John is 23, from Argentina and receives more than $5 an hour less than his co-workers because of his “poor English”.

“It’s very hard work. I work with the shovel, digging holes, moving stones and wood with a lot of weight on my body. I asked my boss if he could give me an increase since I end up very exhausted and really need the money. He told me he could not give me the raise because I do not speak English well,” John said.