Feb 2019 | Review calls for Industrial Manslaughter laws in all states

Date: 25 Feb 2019

Source: ACTU 

The Boland review of model WHS legislation has handed down 34 recommendations including that the model WHS Act be amended to introduce Industrial Manslaughter as an offence in workplace health and safety legislation.

Under the current system in most states, many companies which are found to be responsible for the death of a worker pay only small fines, which can often be claimed against insurance. This provides no deterrent for unsafe workplace practices which kill more than 200 workers in Australia every year.

The review also highlights the growing incidence of psychosocial injuries at work and recommends government introduce regulation  to protect workers along with increased penalties.

We need ongoing and wide-ranging change in workplace health and safety to end deaths at work, but Industrial Manslaughter legislation would be a huge step forward.