Feb 2019 | 'They laugh at you': A quarter of Australia’s multicultural youth report discrimination

Date: 1 Feb 2019

Source: SBS

New research looking at multicultural youth in Australia has found that a quarter of survey respondents had suffered racial discrimination, but they still believe they belong in Australia. 

The first ever Multicultural Youth Australia Census Status Report, released on Thursday by the University of Melbourne's Youth Research Centre, found that racial discrimination, particularly at school, was still a reality for many young Australians.

Almost 2,000 first, second and third generation migrants or refugees between the ages of 15 and 25 were surveyed.

"The really important message that came out of the report is that migrant and refugee youth in Australia have a really strong sense of belonging. But at the same time, they experience quite high levels of racism and discrimination," senior research fellow Dr Rimi Khan said. 

She added that while nine out of 10 respondents were confident about reaching their future goals, this optimism petered off with time. 

"The optimism for a lot of these young migrants comes from that initial sense of expectation from when they come to a new country or their family migrates and the opportunity that comes with that," she said.