Feb 2019 | Uber launches new tipping function to let users pay a service charge to drivers – but even the cabbies don't want it

Date: 28 Feb 2019 

Source: Daily Mail

Uber and UberEats customers are now being asked if they'd like to tip drivers with a new feature launching on the apps today. 

It is an optional function which Uber says is a way to 'show your gratitude for those who go above and beyond.' 

The Ride-share Drivers Association of Australia secretary Les Johnson told 3AW that it happens overseas but could create lots of problems.  

'If these companies were paying sustainable rates to drivers, this kind of thing wouldn't be an issue. 

'Drivers overseas have been commenting on social media...part of the tips are disappearing on the way,' Mr Johnson said. 

He said the association were not told about this decision and were unaware this concept was going to be introduced. 

'I believe that's how it happens overseas, and from what I've seen … it creates a lot of problems,' he said. 

However Uber have said that 'the driver or delivery partner keeps 100 per cent of the tip.'