Feb 2019 | We Can Talk About Muffins, Or We Can Talk About The Real Problem Facing Millennials

Date: 27 Feb 2019 

Source: Ten Daily 

A federal parliamentary inquiry into franchising has heard allegations that Muffin Break franchisees were encouraged to underpay some staff by Foodco, the company that owns the chain.

Foodco denies these allegations. But Muffin Break’s General Manager Natalie Brennan added fuel to the fire when she complained that young workers today are too entitled because they won’t accept unpaid internships and other volunteer positions: "There’s just nobody walking in my door asking for an internship, work experience or unpaid work, nobody."

Muffin Break’s tone-deaf response elicited widespread condemnation and ridicule on social media. Many commentators vowed to visit their local Muffin Break franchise to demand free muffins -- as a way of helping the firm gain ‘valuable business experience.’