1 October 2020

The Migrant Workers Centre welcomes the Victorian Government’s announcement that the Extreme Hardship Payment has been increased. This is much needed assistance for migrants who have been completely locked out of any support by the Federal Government.

Temporary visa holders and undocumented migrants in Victoria with limited income and savings are now eligible for an $800 payment. Previous recipients of the program are now eligible for an additional $400.

This increase in funding is a welcome step forward as the Victorian Government seeks to fill the gaping hole left by the Morrison Government’s failure to provide meaningful support. 

Over recent months, the Migrant Workers Centre has continued to make countless referrals to food banks, community aid organisations and charities. The need for financial assistance for temporary migrants remains an urgent concern for workers and families struggling to get by.

The Migrant Workers Centre calls on the Morrison Government to use the October budget to provide much needed relief for the 1.1 million migrant workers in the country so far excluded from any Federal support. 

Quotes attributed to Matt Kunkel, Director Migrant Workers Centre

“The $800 payment will provide a much needed lifeline to migrants in Victoria.  This is a recognition by the Victorian Government that we must support all workers in Australia as we seek to rebuild our communities after the devastation of COVID-19.

“It’s now up to the Federal Government to step up and show their support for the more than 1.1M people in this country who are struggling under the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“It’s been nearly half a year since migrant workers were excluded from the Morrison government’s wage subsidy, resulting in widespread hardship. 

“The need for assistance is more urgent than ever - we’ve had workers come to us facing homelessness, unable to afford food and essentials. The federal budget is an opportunity to provide a wage subsidy that includes all workers.”


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