Jan 2019 | 7-Eleven operator fined $335,000 in wage scandals

Date: 18 Jan 2019

Source: The Sydney Morning Herald

Another 7-Eleven operator has been implicated in the convenience store chain’s “cash-back” wage exploitation scandal, in which workers were forced to withdraw and hand back part of their pay to their employer.

The former operator of the 7-Eleven outlet in the heart of Melbourne’s legal precinct, near the corner of William and Little Lonsdale streets, has been found to have underpaid retail workers thousands of dollars throughout 2015-2016.

On Friday, Xia Jing Qi Pty Ltd, its owner and store manager were collectively fined $335,664 for the 7-Eleven underpayments, and for paying an employee at another of its businesses, the Ajisen Ramen franchise restaurant inside Melbourne Central, an illegal flat rate of $11.50 an hour and sometimes as little as $3.98 an hour.

Company director Jing Qi Xia and her 7-Eleven store manager Ai Ling Lin were penalised in the Federal Circuit Court for a slew of violations of workplace law, including failing to pay the minimum hourly rates, failing to pay casual loadings, failing to pay weekend and public holiday penalty rates, and for providing false and misleading pay records, following legal action brought by the Fair Work Ombudsman.