Jan 2019 | What's the cost of racism in Australia?

Date: 29 Jan 2019

Source: ADI

Professor Paradies began his research career at 17 years old as an Indigenous cadet at the Australian Bureau of Statistics at the Centre for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Statistics. It was here that some of the first comprehensive reporting on Aboriginal health was initiated, creating the basis for campaigns like ‘Close the Gap’.

Much of Professor Paradies’ research in recent years has been concerned with the impacts of racism on health, as well as the social and economic impacts.

“We know that racism is bad for your health. Essentially it’s a form of stress for people that impacts mostly on their mental health, as well as their physical health,” Professor Paradies said, “When people have trouble getting housing or a job or have less return on their education because of racism, these impact indirectly on their health.”