July 2018 | Top Earners Get As Much In Two Weeks As Poorest Do In A Year

Date: 31 July 2018

Source: Ten Daily

Hayden Patterson often has to choose between which of his crucial medical prescriptions he is going to go without each week. If he has $50 in the bank at any point, he's happy. He recently started heating his Adelaide unit with a gas oven -- he previously used an outdoor patio heater, but the fumes made him sick.

Meanwhile, a new report has found the top one percent of Australian households earn as much in one fortnight at the lowest five percent do in an entire year.

"It’s a struggle to do even the most basic things," Patterson told ten daily.

"I can't afford electric heating, my most economical way to heat my house is to turn the oven on. I make the most of what I can do."