July 2018 | Victoria moves to protect rights of food delivery riders

Date: 2 July 2018

Source: SBS

Exclusive: The Victorian government will look to close a legislative loophole and give delivery riders the same protections as owner-operator truck drivers.

Drivers and bike riders working for food delivery apps will have the same protections as owner-operator truck drivers, under new regulations to be introduced by the Victorian state government. 

Victorian Minister for Industrial Relations Natalie Hutchins will on Tuesday announce the changes to the Owner Drivers and Forestry Contractors Act to include delivery drivers and riders from the booming online platforms.

The services include Deliveroo, Uber Eats and Foodora as well as others. 

“These reforms respond to changes within the industry and the emergence of online delivery platforms, to ensure the laws that govern these businesses continue are effective and drivers are protected,” Ms Hutchins said.