July 2018 | Victorian bosses could be jailed for wage theft no matter who is elected in November

Date: 24 July 2018

Source: The New Daily

Bosses could be jailed for deliberately underpaying their staff, no matter who is elected in the November state election.

A Labor-dominated parliamentary inquiry on Tuesday recommended making dishonest wage theft a crime, following Premier Daniel Andrews’ announcement that Labor would make it a jailable offence if re-elected.

Speaking to The New Daily on Tuesday, Shadow Industrial Relations Minister Robert Clark would not rule out putting dodgy bosses behind bars under a Coalition government.

“Employers who deliberately rip off their employees should face very severe consequences,” Mr Clark, the committee deputy chair, said.

He told The New Daily the opposition had not formed a view on what their position would be in government, but repeatedly declined to rule out jailing bosses for deliberate underpayment.