July 2019 | Restaurant Slammed For Using GoFundMe To Pay Unpaid Staff

Date: 2 July 2019

Source: 10 Daily

A crowdfunding page set up by restaurant owners to help pay their employees and suppliers has been slammed by trade unions.

The owners of Perth's Co-Op Dining restaurant blamed  "economic change" in Western Australia and a "greedy landlord" for their establishment closing, in a statement posted on the GoFundMe crowdfunding page they started online.

The pair set a $5000 goal for the campaign, saying they would use the money to pay "our devoted staff and supportive suppliers".

After launching four days ago, the page has managed to raise just over $1,100.

"We have done our best to pay what we can before the negotiations failed. We have exhausted all solutions. We will be back," the owners wrote.