June 2018 | Internship scheme under fire for poor conditions and pay delays

Date: 26 June 2018

Source: The Guardian 

Two companies providing internships have been suspended and four training providers have had their contracts terminated, documents reveal, with jobseekers complaining of poor working conditions and delays in payment.

Interns in the government-backed Prepare Train Hire (PaTH) scheme for jobseekers aged 17 to 24 said they had long waits for their $200 fortnightly incentive payments and in one case a worker said she had been left to work in 37C heat.

The documents, released under freedom of information legislation by the jobs department, also showed one trainer had been sacked for suggesting an “inappropriate” overnight excursion.

Jobseekers, employment providers and host companies were not named, but the documents showed concerns about compulsory employment skills training, with one jobseeker claiming it was targeted at people from non-English speaking backgrounds and his class had “watch[ed] a Mr Bean film and learn[ed] how to purchase capsicums”. Several others complained it was not appropriate for people with university-level qualifications.