March 2019 | Australia at risk of US-style inequality and dead end jobs, warns ACTU

Date: 4 March 2019

Source: ABC

"Anaemic" wages growth, a widening gap between rich and poor and a "powerful elite" of banks, insurers and multinationals are the main outcomes for Australians from 27 years without a recession.\

That is the ACTU's take on inequality in Australia today — it is warning the policies of the Morrison Government could result in an American-style economy of dead end jobs, poverty pay levels and zero job security.

The peak union body has released a paper on inequality, declaring a potential "economic, social and political disaster" ahead of the federal election, as it warns that slow wages growth has caused the biggest fall in living standards in 30 years.

"The vast wealth generated over the last three decades has decisively gone into the hands of a privileged few," the ACTU paper argues.