March 2019 | Here’s a tip, Uber – pay your drivers properly

Date: 4 March 2019 

Source: The Sydney Morning Herald

You might have missed it in your junk mail, but Uber is encouraging its Australian customers to start tipping its drivers.

It’s useful that servers have flagged these emails as spam, because that’s where this idea belongs – in the bin.

The fact that US tipping culture has crept its way into Australia is bad enough. But a US company trying to impose its policy of global wage suppression onto its Australian workforce has to be called out.

One of the world’s worst employers is not only asking Aussies to turn a blind eye to its underpayments – but asking us to pick up the tab on its wages bill.

This behaviour isn’t an aberration. Uber has made a virtue of law breaking. It entered markets without permission all over the world. Once it establishes a toehold, Uber seeks to bend the law and lawmakers to suit its own ends. Despite using our road networks, our policing system, and our skilled workforce, Uber has gone out of its way to avoid paying Australian tax.