March 2019 | Most migrant women find more independence, rights in Australia: survey

Date: 9 March 2019 

Source: SBS

A large majority of newly-arrived women migrants in Australia are finding more independence, with more opportunity than in their home countries, a new survey shows.

The survey of 140 women migrants and refugees from non-English speaking countries, commissioned by refugee and migrant settlement agency AMES Australia, found 71 per cent of respondents found life in Australia "better" than in their home countries.

Seventy-eight per cent of those surveyed said Australian women were more independent than women in their home countries.

“Women migrants and refugees who are new to Australia are optimistic about life here. Many of the findings that we’ve got are reflective of people’s aspirations as much as their current circumstances,” AMES Australia spokesperson Laurie Nowell told SBS News.