March 2019 | Working women need urgent change

Date: 8 March 2019

Source: ACTU

International Women’s Day is a reminder of the barriers women still face in getting a fair go at work and in the lead up to the federal election the peak body for working people calls for the rules to be urgently changed for working women.

Today, women are still paid less in the workplace, they are routinely sexually harassed, and they are more likely to be in insecure work and they are the workers who lost penalty rates.

Women are paid 14.1 percent less than men - an average of $239.80 per week less, are more likely to be working in casual and insecure work, to not have access to paid family and domestic violence leave to make themselves and their children safe and work in award-dependent roles that are vulnerable to penalty rates cuts.

The rates of sexual harassment in Australia are alarming - 85 percent of women have experienced one or more forms of sexual harassment in the workplace.

The ACTU calls for deep reform of Australia’s workplace relations rules to make them fair for women, including introducing ten days paid domestic violence leave, ensuring workplaces are free from sexual harassment, restoring penalty rates and removing restrictions on bargaining. We know that to change the rules for working women we will need to change the government.