Nov 2018 | Farm workers fight wage theft

Date: 19 Nov 2018

Source: Red Flag

A new study published by the University of New South Wales highlights widespread wage theft and exploitation of migrant workers in Australia. 

According to the report, Wage Theft in Silence, almost a third of temporary migrants earn $12 per hour or less – roughly half the legal minimum for casuals.

Senior law lecturers Bassina Farbenblum and Laurie Berg surveyed 4,322 migrants from 107 different countries. More than half the participants, or 2,250 workers, reported having been underpaid while working on a temporary visa in Australia. 

Contrary to the assumption that migrant workers are unwilling to take action, the survey found that “well over half (54 percent) of underpaid survey participants had either already tried to recover wages (9 percent) or indicated they might try in the future (45 percent)”.