Oct 2018 | Free movement, not indentured labour

Date: 22 Oct 2018

Source: Red Flag

The Morrison government is considering a plan to force new migrants to settle in rural areas. 

Reluctant to implement outright immigration cuts given how important a factor immigration has been in helping sustain Australia’s economic growth, Morrison has wheeled this policy out so as to keep attention on congestion and infrastructure problems in major cities and the familiar scapegoating that goes with it. No doubt he also hopes it will help stop the Coalition bleeding votes to One Nation. 

Unfortunately, much of the discussion about the plan has focused on its questionable feasibility, with the former commissioner of Australian Border Force, Roman Quaedvlieg, arguing that it’s “not possible to police”. A similar refrain has been taken up by much of the liberal media and the ALP. 

Some opposition to the plan has rightly pointed out its racist framework, migrant support groups arguing that it could create oppressed “ghetto towns” in rural areas and contribute to the marginalisation of migrants.