Oct 2018 | 'Get the f*** out': Backpackers share Australian horror stories

Date: 2 Oct 2018

Source: ABC

From the beaches of Bondi to the red centre, each year tens of thousands of young backpackers make the trek to Australia for a year of work and travel.

But it's not always the idyllic, Insta-worthy holiday they had planned.

When Scottish backpacker Kerri Gray was evicted from a Mildura backpackers in August, she filmed it and posted it on Facebook.

The hostel did not respond to requests for comment.

Six months into her holiday, French backpacker Ludmilla Cek posted an online ad looking for farm work.

She received a response from one farmer which sounded promising.

"It was four hours' driving from Brisbane, in the middle of nowhere," she told 7.30.

"When I arrived, I found a really dirty house with a really dirty farmer.