Oct 2018 | 'It is really difficult': low earners tell why they're marching

Date: 23 Oct 2018

Source: The Sydney Morning Herald 

For five years Sajita Sitaula Aryal has worked as a cleaner struggling to make ends meet as her wages have crept slowly upward.

The 25-year-old will be among up to 150,000 the ACTU has predicted will turn out for the rally in Melbourne on Tuesday as part of a national day of protest.

Since arriving in Melbourne from Nepal she says her hourly wage has increased by only $3 to $23.24 in the last five years, making it difficult to keep up with the cost of rent and bills.

"The minimum wage is not keeping up with the cost of living," she said.

"It is really difficult. You can't afford to pay rent on those wages and save any money for a deposit to try to buy a house."

Airline worker David Fry, 57, from Botany Bay be among protesters in Sydney. He said his wages had fallen relative to inflation over the past 35 years.