Oct 2018 | New study goes deeper into international student exploitation

Date: 24 Oct 2018

Source: Migrant Worker Justice Initiative

A UNSW Sydney and UTS project will lead the international education sector to respond to exploitation of international students in accommodation and at work.


The NSW Government through Study NSW has announced $78,670 in funding for a study to be led by UNSW Law Senior Lecturer Bassina Farbenblum and UTS Law’s Dr Laurie Berg.


It follows a 2017 report by Berg and Farbenblum, Wage Theft in Australia, that found a quarter of international students surveyed were earning $12/hr or less and 43% of students earned $15/hr or less – well below minimum wage.


“This study will give the international education sector a deeper understanding about the problem of student exploitation, finding out what information international students need to avoid exploitation at work and in their accommodation, and to address it when it happens,” Ms Farbenblum said.


UNSW Sydney Pro-Vice-Chancellor (International), Laurie Pearcey, said this research should be on the radar of every Australian university. In a sign of growing momentum across the sector, the issue was debated at the Australian International Education Conference last week.