Sep 2018 | Enshrining Public Holidays To Protect Your Penalty Rates

Date: 28 Sep 2018

Source: Premier

A re-elected Andrews Labor Government will enshrine public holidays – Easter Sunday, Christmas Day and Grand Final Friday – in law, helping to protect the penalty rates of thousands of Victorian workers.

While these days are currently gazetted by the Andrews Labor Government as public holidays year after year, writing them into law will make sure they are permanently protected.

When penalty rates were first introduced, Sundays were treated the same as public holidays, attracting the same rates and benefits for workers.  But now – thanks to the slow wind back of penalty rates under successive Liberal Governments – Victorians working on Easter Sunday miss out on increased rates of pay.

The same occurs when Christmas Day falls on a weekend, with the current legislation only providing for public holiday rates on a substitute day during the week.

It means that when Christmas Day falls on a Saturday, Victorians – like nurses and emergency workers – don’t get public holiday rates – but their colleagues working on the substitute Monday do.