Sep 2018 | Mother finally able to speak about death of her 'beautiful, brave' son

Date: 25 Sep 2018

Source: The Age

Throughout his short life, Martha Ojulo felt so proud of Liep, her “beautiful son, her right-hand man”.

While she was at English language classes, the teenager would pick up his younger sister, Rouza, from school, ferry her home and prepare her dinner.

“He had so much freedom and he could have done a lot other stuff, but he chose to take care of me,” says Rouza Gony, remembering her older brother with a smile.

For the first time since 19-year-old Liep Gony was murdered by two men in a racially motivated attack, Ms Ojulo will speak publicly about her son on the eleventh anniversary of his death.

“His murder took away all my courage to speak up for him and the man he was growing up to be,” Ms Ojulo says.

At a community memorial ceremony on the steps of Parliament House on Wednesday, Liep’s family, who came to Australia as refugees from South Sudan, will join the African-Australian community and its supporters to honour Liep.