Injured worker's message for other migrant workers

Vignesh has been injured at work a month ago. Here is his story and the message he wants to share.



I got injured in the fire accident that happened on 5th April 2019 and admitted in Alfred hospital. I was afraid no one could help me but so many helped me through Union and Migrant Workers centre. First, I would like to thank Union. Thanks to your help I am little bit relief and happy. For the next few days, I don't have to worry about my food, bills, rent and so many other things. So, thanks everyone for doing this for me.

Firstly, I was not sure what Union is and what is the value of being a Union member. But now, I realise the value of being a Union member. My advice to all the workers is to join your Union and they will be with you in all circumstances. So, as soon as you find a job contact union and get registered and do everything you need in your workplace through union. It will be easy for you.

The important thing in every job is your safety. You need to learn what job is about, what are the safety conditions in that workplace. The day I was injured, I knew how to run out and what to do next so I could save my life. I don't know how it is in other workplaces. When you join in a factor you should first see your safety and when something like this happens you should also know how to escape from that situation and save your life. We have to make sure we’re safe. They will say: ‘it’s ok, you can do that without safety equipment’ but you need to make sure, is it really safe to do?
You also need to learn about the place you work. You can Google search or talk to Union about your workplace is it good and a safe place to work or not. It always best to get Union advice.

Also, I want to say this: you don't have to do whatever job you get, after coming to this country we undermine ourselves and we do whatever job we get. We need to choose what job is good and best for us. We think like we suffered a lot in our country and it is okay to suffer here as well. I undermine myself and chose a dangerous job. This is what I wanted to say to all workers like me. Join your Union and know yours rights, find out that you are getting correct pay. I have learn a lot after this incident, what is union, what is fairwork and so on.