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Summer Newsletter 2022

March 24, 2022

Welcome to the first edition of the Migrant Workers Centre newsletter for 2022. This year, we’ll be bringing you quarterly wraps of our industrial wins, campaigns and programs, and worker stories. This first edition features: The Protecting Migrant Workers Bill: Fighting for migrant worker...

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Worker Story: Kamran’s long fight for justice after a workplace injury

March 24, 2022

Kamran came to the Migrant Workers Centre for assistance with an injury in early 2021. He was suffering from the ongoing debilitating effects of a physical injury he had sustained a few years prior working at a car wreckers company in June 2017.  Kamran had...

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Translated Content 1

February 09, 2022

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November 29, 2021

A Migrant Workers Centre survey of over 700 temporary visa holders shows the urgent need for more pathways to permanent residency. The findings, which also draw upon over 50 in depth interviews, are presented in the new report Lives in Limbo: The Experiences of...

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November 04, 2021

Yesterday the Fair Work Commission handed down a decision to guarantee all workers will take home at least the minimum wage for hours worked.<sup>1</sup> The Commission found that there was “widespread non-compliance” with the piece-rate provisions of the Horticulture Award, leading to “significant underpayment...

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August-September 2021 Newsletter

September 30, 2021

The August-September edition of the Migrant Workers Centre newsletter features: Campaign win! Temporary Migration Inquiry adopts MWC recommendations for reforming visa system  Migrant Worker Solidarity Networks meets with MPs on visa reform  SURVEY: Does our website meet the needs of your community?  12 community...

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Abbas’ story: Racist bullying and assault by supervisor shows need for visa reform

August 11, 2021

Abbas* came to the Migrant Workers Centre for help after a physical assault by his supervisor left him hospitalised. Abbas came to Australia in 2010 from Iraq. Despite living and working here for over a decade, he hasn’t been able to get a permanent...

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June-July 2021 Newsletter

July 31, 2021

This mid-year edition of the Migrant Workers Centre newsletter includes updates about: COVID-19 Disaster Payment for Workers on Temporary Visas Visa Reform Survey Launch Piece Rate Report: $9 a Day Abbas’ story: Racist bullying and assault by supervisor shows need for visa reform Know...

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Worker Story: Jasmine’s $19,000 fight with the FEG

June 18, 2021

Jasmine moved to Australia in 2014 on a partner sponsored visa. She got a warehouse job for retail giant Riot Art and Craft, where she worked full time on a permanent contract for nearly 6 years. In May, Jasmine came to us for advice:...

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May 2021 Newsletter

May 31, 2021

The May edition of the Migrant Workers Centre includes updates about: Temporary COVID Disaster Payment Migrant Worker Solidarity Network Campaigns for Visa Reform ATO JobKeeper Repayments Know Your Rights Sessions Jasmine’s story: the fight for $19,000 with the FEG  In the media: No rights,...

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