Who we are

The team of the Migrant Workers Centre is here to help you understand your rights at work.

We want to make sure you know your rights and we empower you to enforce them, this is why we all have different expertise.

We also speak a few different languages, to make sure you can find someone to talk to
(English, Mandarin, Cantonese, Spanish, Tamil, Korean, Arabic, French, Portuguese).


Matt Kunkel is the director of the Migrant Workers Centre.
Organiser for a long time at United Voice, he has years of experience working with migrant workers.


Sherry Huang is an organiser at the Migrant Workers Centre and a researcher for ABC Four Corners, Deakin University. In January 2013 she started her PhD at RMIT University. Sherry founded T-WHY, a digital information service for young Taiwanese people working in Australia, in 2014. Since 2015, T-WHY has collaborate with Korean and Hong Kong community, formed United WHY.


Gabriel Dain is a project organiser at the Migrant Workers Centre. He has years of experience working for United Voice. He was involved in different progressive movement, including climate action.
He is also the project manager of the multicultural safety ambassador program. 


Wallace Huang is an organiser at the Migrant Workers Centre. He has a deep knowledge in industrial relations and workplace and he delivers workplace rights training to communities across Victoria.


Hyeseon Jeong
is a research and policy officer. Her expertise lies in analysing labour implications of migration policies. She is responsible for developing policy recommendations and community projects for organising migrant workers. She has a PhD in political geography and conducts research on the intersections of migration and development.


Lavanya Thavaraja is an organiser at the Migrant Workers Centre. She has an extensive experience working with refugees. She organises workers in the manufacturer industry and initiated the migrant workers solidarity network in Victoria. Lavanya is the founder of the Tamil Workers Council. 


Husain ALQatari is an organiser at the Migrant Workers Centre. He is a human right activist and a former NUW delegate at Chemist warehouse, Preston site. Previously, he helped increasing the union member density at chemist warehouse by 70% by encouraging workers from all backgrounds. As an OHS representative, he has a good understanding of the OHS act. He also delivers educational sessions about workplace rights to communities across Victoria..


Sam Jiayi Liu is a media and Communication officer at the Migrant Workers Centre.