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Briefing: Proposed OHS Amendment (Psychological Health) Regulations

What is psychosocial health? What new protections would the proposed Psychosocial Regulations of the OH&S act give workers? What culturally and linguistically appropriate services are available to migrant workers facing psychosocial hazards at work?

The Victorian Government is intending to introduce new regulations to the OH&S Act 2004 to cover psychosocial hazards in the workplace. This briefing session will cover the proposed changes and equips community leaders and community service practitioners with essential knowledge and skills to respond to psychological injuries and exposure to psychosocial hazards in migrant workers' workplaces. 

Who is this training for?

This training is for migrant and refugee community leaders, community service practitioners, bicultural workers, and other people interacting with migrant workers.

Course content

The briefing session will cover essential knowledge in identifying and responding to signs of psychological injury and exposure to psychosocial hazards in migrant workers, including:

  • Proposed new definition of psychosocial hazards, bullying, and high job demands
  • What is a reportable psychosocial complaint, and what are employers' duties?
  • New requirements to develop prevention plans for psychosocial hazards
  • Access to provisional payments for mental injuries
  • Referral pathways for migrant workers with suspected psychological injuries


  • Dominic Melling (Lead Organiser, OH&S Unit, Victorian Trades Hall Council)
  • Florence Dato (Community Organiser, Migrant Workers Centre)


MWC "Solidarity Hour" series

Objective and format

The MWC "Solidarity Hour" series aims to build capacity in migrant communities and community service organisations to address issues related to labour exploitation among migrant workers. They are short online sessions facilitated by expert trainers. The sessions include group discussion, Q&A, and hand-out resources.

Why train with the Migrant Workers Centre?

MWC is a leading organisation in migrant workers' rights. It is the only service of its kind in Australia, offering free and confidential case management support to migrant workers experiencing workplace issues, and leading research and advocacy for migrant workers' rights in Australia. Our education program delivers critical information on workplace rights to thousands of migrant workers every year, and builds capacity in migrant communities by training and employing community leaders as Bicultural Educators. 

Custom training sessions

We can design custom sessions to meet the needs of your community or program participants. If you have any questions or would like to discuss organising a session, please contact Alba Khouri, Project Support Organiser ([email protected]).

October 05, 2022
12pm - 1pm
Zoom (RSVP to get the link)
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