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Protest for Permanent Visas

Join us in protesting for permanent visas for all refugees and asylum seekers!


Protest Details:  On September 6, 2022 at 11am in front of Parliament House in Canberra, thousands of refugees and asylum seekers that call Australia home will be coming together to fight for permanent visas for all. Some 30,000 people are currently on temporary protection visas (TPVs) and have lived under uncertainty and second-class treatment.

Join us in this protest which will have guest speakers such as:

  • Senator Nick McKim
  • Andrew Wilkie (MP)
  • Tahera Nassrat (Afghan Peace Foundation)
  • Arad Nik (Asylum Rights Campaign)
  • Hassan Jaber (Justice for Refugees and Migrant Workers Centre)
  • Mostafa Faraji (Kurdish Refugee)

Why we're fighting for permanent visas:  Refugees and asylum seekers have sought humanitarian aid and escape from conflict, violence and persecution in our homelands.  Many are now suffering under migration policies that offer no secure futures for people seeking asylum.  The MWC stands united with:  

  1.  Asylum seekers who have been rejected or refused protection under the unfair Fast Track system  
  2. Refugees who are living on temporary visas - SHEV or TPV with no hope of a stable future with permanent protection 
  3. Asylum seekers on Bridging visas who have not had an interview  
  4. Refugees and asylum seekers married to Australian citizens but with no pathway to apply for a spouse visa 
  5. Refugees on permanent visas with no option to apply for citizenship 
  6. Children born in Australia with no right to citizenship  

     Justice for Refugees Rally

Note: This event is organised by a grassroots campaign led by TPV holders across the nation. This event is not organised by the Migrant Workers Centre. For more details, please contact the Canberra event organiser.



September 06, 2022
11am - 2pm
Parliament House -- Canberra
Arad · 0427 762 361
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