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Draft Best Practice Principles and Standards for Skilled Migration Assessing Authorities

Submission to the Draft Best Practice Principles and Standards for Skilled Migration Assessing Authorities

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Summary of recommendations

Recommendation 1: That the Australian Government establish a statutory body to oversee skills assessment authorities, ensuring they possess the necessary capabilities and can perform their responsibilities consistently, transparently, and accountably.

Recommendation 2: That the Australian Government establish a multi-lingual portal, available in various mediums (e.g., online, hotline), that provides a 'one-stop-shop' for information about skills assessment processes for new arrivals and those considering their options prior to migrating to Australia.

Recommendation 3: That the Australian Government amend the national anti-discrimination framework to explicitly include "migration status" as a protected attribute, ensuring that all workers, regardless of their migration status (with relevant exemptions for people without work rights), are protected from discrimination in the workplace.

Recommendation 4: That the Australian Government extend settlement support to skilled migrants based on need rather than visa type to help maximise labour market integration outcomes. 

Recommendation 5: That the Australian Government facilitate partnerships between skills assessment authorities and settlement agencies to improve employment outcomes for new arrivals, and in tandem, increase funding for settlement service providers to maximise the efficacy and scope of these partnerships.

Recommendation 6: That the Australian Government fund initiatives to address employer biases and collaborate with public and community organisations to provide equal opportunities for migrants.

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