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The Migrant Workers Centre offers free and confidential advice to any worker who was born overseas. Appointments are available online or in person.

Below are the languages spoken by our team. Interpreter services for other languages are also available - please use the English form and indicate the language needed.

If you are from a union or community organisation seeking assistance on behalf of a worker, please visit our referrals page here.


At your appointment, you will speak to an organiser from the Migrant Workers Centre who will listen to your concerns or questions and provide you with information. We may also ask you for basic details about your visa, work conditions and workplace as this helps us understand what kind of support we can provide. This information is kept confidential and will not be shared with anyone. If it's determined that you have been injured, suffered harassment or bullying, experienced wage theft or another form of exploitation - we can provide advice on the next steps to seek compensation, reclaim stolen wages or to access support. What happens next is your decision.

Please bring as much supporting information as you can to your appointment - most importantly your employment contract, workplace enterprise agreement if you have one, rosters and timesheets, and records of any relevant work emails or messages.

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