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What is gig work?

Gig work is work accessed through or organised by digital platforms.

These digital platforms are websites or apps that match people that need work done with people who want to do that work.

Gig workers can be employees or independent contractors (non-employee workers).

What are common gig work industries?

Gig work is well established in:

  • transportation
  • food delivery
  • disability support and aged care.

It’s also increasingly common in a wide variety of other industries, including:

  • creative industries (such as graphic design, writing, photography, and videography)
  • information technology (such as coding, and software development)
  • psychological counselling
  • domestic services (such as cleaning and home maintenance).

Get help

The Migrant Workers Centre offers free and confidential advice to any worker who was born overseas.

If you wish to speak with us about your issue at work, get in touch by filling out a Get Help form, alternatively, you can call the centre on (03) 7009 6710.