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Multicultural Framework Review

Submission to the Multicultural Framework Review: September 2023

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Summary of recommendations

Recommendation 1. That the Australian Government dedicate increased resourcing to co-design and deliver initiatives that build the capacity and capability of migrant workers to understand and enforce their workplace rights.

Recommendation 2. That the Australian Government facilitate greater collaboration between the Department of Home Affairs and the Department of Employment and Workplace Relations to deliver capacity-building programs to migrant workers as part of a streamlined inter-governmental response.

Recommendation 3. That the Australian Government dedicate increased resourcing to develop and disseminate in-language information about workplace rights throughout the migrant worker journey.

Recommendation 4. That the Australian Government support a more efficient allocation system for interpreters that prioritises experience and NAATI credentials, and that provides secure employment opportunities and accessible, funded training in specialised areas such as industrial relations. 

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